Tuesday August 20, 2013

Things are good here on Willow Lane.  August is speeding right along, and pieces are falling into place for the upcoming fall.  There have been a few emotional days lately as things change and time marches on, but it's all as it should be.

We had a goodbye dinner last weekend for our friend Ariana.  She is off to college in California and Erin will miss getting to hang out with her.  There were tears for Erin that night, knowing that A bomb won't be around to just pick her up and take her out for ice cream.  She'll see her again, but it will never be the same.

Erin has been talking a lot about her own education path - high school, post secondary option, college, med school perhaps.  If you ask her today, she'll tell you she wants to be a doctor.  I need to convince her that she still has to go to 8th grade!  Schedule pick up is this Thursday, so we'll start with that.

This past weekend we also made an appearance at a softball tournament here in Rochester.  Swing For The Cure raises money for cancer research at the Mayo Clinic and Dan was asked to speak.  He did a great job sharing our story and letting them know a little bit about Shannon.  Erin of course had good advice for him - beer drinking men don't want a sad story, so find a way to fire them up.  And he did.

There was a family wedding this weekend, too.  I'm not one to post my political views here - I'm a big believer in live and let live.  But, watching two people who have been partners for 30 years finally have the chance to marry, well, no political discussion necessary in my opinion.  Congratulations to my uncle James and my "new" uncle Gary!

In the midst of all of this, Erin has also been going through volleyball tryouts.  That is always a stressful process, but now, teams have been assigned and she's happy to be right where she is.  Phew.

I've been doing a lot of work on the foundation and prepping for upcoming events.  Our first two scholarship checks were sent last week.  Our winners are off to college this fall, and $2000 of their first fee statement will be covered by the Shannon O'Hara Foundation.  That feels dang good.  Any of you out there reading this that have donated, thank you and job well done.

As we look to another year of fundraising events, we've got two opportunities coming up this fall.  We will be taking part in two walks for the organizations that the SOF supports:

October 5th  - Brains Together For A Cure Walk in Rochester 
November 23rd  - St. Jude Give thanks. Walk. in Minneapolis

More information coming very soon on these events.  We also are making an "I walk for Shannon"
t-shirt so we'll be sharing info on how to order those as well.

All good stuff, yet still hard to believe she is gone.  I am reminded of that when I get "excited" for an event.  It's not really excitement, because I wish I wasn't there in the first place.  But, given our circumstance, it does feel good to do something - scholarships, fundraising, etc. - in her memory.  She deserves at least that...