Friday May 2, 2014

Things I have learned this week:

1.  My brain still works
2.  Working is time consuming
3.  I don't own enough dress slacks

I say this in jest... sort of... It has been fun for me to be engaged in a project, and to have to think critically and write about something other than myself.

I am learning about Cardiovascular Diseases and Cardiology - of all the medical knowledge I have gained in the past three years, this is one area I don't know much about.  It is fun to work with a team of people - editors, information architects, social media experts - one of whom happens to be my brother in law!

Yes, Mike O'Hara, after retiring from Mayo, is doing some consulting.  He helped me connect with Reedbrook Consulting, and they liked my writing skills and hired me.  Now, low and behold, Mike and I are working together on this project.  It's kind of surreal, but also nice to have a familiar face this first time around.  Two O'Haras must be better than one...

So, this project will keep me busy over the next couple of weeks as we get the CV Blog up and running.  I hope this is just the beginning for me.  I am hoping to find that perfect balance of engaging work, and still time to help coach golf and be with Erin and Dan when they are home.  If I can find that balance, I'll consider myself very lucky.

I've thought several time this week about Shannon.  Having meetings downtown on the Mayo Clinic campus brings back memories.  Walking the halls, seeing some familiar faces, I can't help but think of her.

But, I've thought about Shannon on a deeper level this week.  Would I be a writer if Shannon's journey hadn't brought me there?  Probably not.  I am not the type of person - at least I wasn't - to venture out of my comfort zone.  If things hadn't changed in our world, would I have ever felt the need to change them?

So, as I work on this project, I owe a debt to Shannon.  I always will.