Friday May 23, 2014

This in one of those really good Fridays - the kind where most of America has a three day weekend ahead.  And, for those of us who live in parts of the country where we endure 6 months of winter, Memorial Day Weekend signals the beginning of our outdoor season.  Summer in MN almost makes the long winters worth it.

It's hard to believe that it's been three years now since we all rallied to support Shannon, wearing our I heart Shannon shirts and basking in the love and strength that would help us navigate the journey ahead.  I don't ever want to forget that feeling.

This year, Dan will again run the Med City 1/2 marathon.  He's been debating whether or not to wear a Shannon shirt.  He's sensitive to Erin and her feelings.  How long will she live in Shannon's shadow?  In some ways, it will be forever.  And, thank goodness, Erin embraces that.  She's found a way to be her own person while still honoring her sister.

Erin's golf season - and school year - are rapidly coming to a close.  She competed in the Big Nine conference meet yesterday, and the Section tournament is next week.  Miss E has had a chance to compete on the varsity all year and be a contributing member of the team.  Last week she shot her best ever score (91) and helped her team win that meet by 1 stroke.  Coach Myhro walked with her on several holes, and he felt it was a special day.  He felt Shannon's presence.  Seeing Erin go where Shannon wanted to is rewarding for all of us, including Erin.

Erin's middle school years are coming to a close as well.  10 days left. Again, she will go where Shannon never got to - high school.  I am feeling a mix of emotions about entering this new stage.  I guess I still have some anger and sadness that Shannon never got there.  I suppose I always will.

This is the world we will always live in - we are mostly content, things are good, and yet there is something missing.  We will always have that something that will always make us feel that pit in our stomachs when we allow our minds to wander to things that should have been.

But, if you ask me today, I would say I'm happy.  A holiday weekend, some sunshine, and time with Dan and Erin.  Life is good.