Thursday May 29, 2014

Erin is off this morning to play in the Section 1 golf meet in Cannon Falls.  She and her teammates have a goal of finishing in the top 6 teams today, which gets you invited back for day two of the tournament on Monday.

This golf season has been one of those crossroads in our lives where we watch Erin become her own person while carrying her sister's spirit with her.  I can't explain it, exactly, but I know it's true.  Coach Myhro and I talked about it, and feeling that some how, some way, Erin carries on for both of them.

Yesterday, Erin had to perform a project she had put together for English class.  It included pieces from poems and movies and books and one from the musical, Wicked, which was Shannon and Erin's favorite.  Erin got up in front of her classmates and sang.  Excuse my French, but man that kids has balls...

Erin's English teacher sent us a note last night, letting us know that she felt Shannon smiling down on Erin as she performed.  That warmed our hearts.  These teachers of Erin were also Shannon's teachers.  They, along with the rest of us, lost Shannon before she could see the end of her 8th grade year.

I am feeling emotional about this stage.  I guess, seeing Erin complete middle school and become a high schooler maybe offers some closure.  Unfinished business in a way.

While that may seem unfair to Erin, she handles it with grace.  She is just being herself, and if others see a bit of Shannon in her or feel Shannon's presence through her, so be it.  She, like her sister, can light up a room with her spirit.

When Maya Angelou passed away yesterday, I immediately thought of the quote that I once used in this blog to describe Shannon.  I'd like to believe that it describes Miss Erin, too.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou