Monday June 30, 2014

It's Monday morning and that means I survived my birthday.  I turned 45 yesterday.  Erin asked me, "Do you think your life is half over?"  Uff da... Most likely so...

I'm trying not to think about that, though.  I read a quote yesterday that stuck with me:  "The good thing about the future is you get to live it one day at a time."

So, don't worry about your life being half over.  Get up today and do something.

So far today, that something involves taking my husband for a root canal.  I am his driver so that he can be under sedation.  Dan doesn't love the dentist.  Erin and I were giving him some good natured teasing last night.  He deserved it after saying, "this is my last supper before I go under the knife."  Oh, the drama...

We have such a good vibe going right now for the three of us.  Dan and I try to remember to step back and give thanks that Erin is turning into a fine young lady and that she still enjoysDan and Erin did a nice job of spoiling me yesterday - brunch, then a round of golf, and a good nap.  Dinner was steak and crab legs, followed by cake.  And, I didn't have to do ANY of the dishes.  Well done, family.

My mom & dad also sent me a sweet card with some old polaroids from when I was a baby.  Two things I noticed - I was a chubby baby and my parents were young.  Check out that 1970's facial hair!


I think they've been feeling a little nostalgic knowing that their daughter has reached midlife.
We will get to spend some time together this week as Grandma and Papa Harkins are coming to Rochester for the 4th of July holiday.

So time marches on.  One day at a time...