Tuesday June 3, 2014

Erin's golf season came to a close yesterday.  The Spartans reached their goal of making it to the second day of Sections.  Miss E struggled yesterday, but she doesn't let that get to her.  It wasn't the finish she hoped for, but she really exceeded expectations this year and reached all her goals, including earning a varsity letter. 

While it's tough to end with a bad round, she and I had a funny text exchange after she finished:

A few things to note: 

1.  Erin changed her contact info in my phone so that she appears as "Erin Fave Child" with a pink heart emoji.  She thought it was dorky that I had her in as "Erin O'Hara", like I'd forget which Erin she was.
2.  She wanted me to know that her day didn't go as she'd hoped.  She texted me, not the other way around.  Even if she's growing up, she still needs her momma.
3.  She loves me.

So, golf has ended and now just four more days of middle school.  Life is moving along as it should for Erin Fave Child.  I'm grateful for that each and every day.