Wednesday June 18, 2014

It's been a week since I've written - a week of frustrations, big and small:

Burnt toast...internet challenges while trying to work... managing schedule changes... and a dropped watermelon.  Did you know, if you break the watermelon's fall with your big toe, it won't completely explode on the garage floor? Trust me on that.

Those all fall into the small category.  The bigger category involves my body.  I had a procedure done on Monday to remove a uterine polyp that's been causing me problems.  Full anesthesia, a quick 20 minute procedure, and that's that.  Except it's not.

I spent the past two days waiting for the pathology report.  I got good news today - the cells are normal.  Phew.  I had myself convinced that it might be otherwise.   It's over now, but the anxiety was real.  Lots of mental scar tissue for this gal.  I do want some credit, though - I had gone all of 2013 without needing anesthesia!

I am laughing now, but it's been a rough few days.

Life is always going to present challenges.  I'm coming to understand that in a different way as I grow older.  The sand under our feet is ever shifting.  How you deal with it, well, that's the key.  Finding peace and contentment takes work.  Some days it's harder than others.

Trust me on that, too.