Monday February 9, 2015

One more week... one more week of focusing on Shannon events, and then we are ready for a break. I'm feeling a little tapped out today, but have to push on to get things ready for next Saturday night when we will award this year's Shannon O'Hara Foundation scholarships.

Our Board of Directors met last night to discuss all our scholarship applicants. This is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing we do.

The softie in me wishes we could give each kid a scholarship. That's not possible, of course, so we have to choose. We take into account everything we can - personal essay, letters of recommendation, input we receive from coaches - and we narrow it down. Our nine board members offer different perspectives, and it makes for a lively discussion.

It's exciting, and, to be honest, a little scary. You want to pick the right kid to represent the foundation.

We are already talking about how this will get harder over the next few years as Shannon's former teammates become our applicants. Uff da...

But, I can't think about that yet. This year's choices have been made, and we will be announcing them before the Century vs. Mayo Boys Hockey game on Saturday night. Game time is 7:30, so be there by 7:15 to catch the presentation.

One last chance to buy SOF merchandise this winter... one last chance to honor Shannon.