Shannon's Story on Fox47

It is an eventful week for us and thoughts of Shannon are front and center.  (Poor Erin - it is a long shadow in which she lives.  I'm thankful for her attitude and grace. )

Last night, our local Fox affiliate ran a story on the research being done on Shannon's cells here at Mayo Clinic.  It's a long road from cells in a lab to a cure or even an effective treatment.  But, Dr. Richard Vile and his team of researchers are making progress.

Through our journey, we've come to understand that research is so essential.  Science will advance the medicine and hopefully improve the outcomes.  Research can be slow and arduous, but someday, we hope the mortality rate for kids with DIPG will improve.

If Shannon can play a part in that, well, what more could we hope for.  It's what she wanted, after all...

Years after her death, the legacy of Shannon O'Hara lives on