Wednesday February 25, 2015

I know those of you in MN probably don't want to hear this, but we are having a wonderful time in the Bahamas.  The weather is the same every day, 78 and sunny with a breeze off the ocean.  No wonder the Bahamians are all so happy.

It is fun for me to meet the other people from Dan's company.  Dan works remotely while company headquarters are in Nashville, so it's a good chance for me to put some faces with the names.

Some of these people know our story, and some of them don't.  Dan's bosses know about our loss, and we've had a chance to talk about the work of our foundation with them.  That always feels good.

But, meeting new people will always be tricky.  "How many children do you have?"  That question will never be easy for us.  When people are sitting on a beach drinking rum punch is probably not the best time to discuss your dead kid.  That sounds harsh, but that's our truth.

So, we pick and choose our spots and accept that we aren't being untrue to Shannon when we don't talk about her.  Sometimes it's not the time or place to have that conversation with someone you've just met.

We are staying at a place we couldn't afford, thanks to Dan's company.  The One & Only Ocean Club leaves no amenity undone.  Chocolates and champagne each night.  A butler service 24 hours.  Beautiful private beach with waiter service.  In the right light, the ocean is an electric blue.  It's going to be hard to stay at a Hampton Inn again...

Yesterday, we got to play golf, and then take a boat ride around the Nassau harbor at sunset.  Today is a free day, so I plan to split my time between to pool and the beach.

Erin and Grandma Harkins are holding down the fort at home.  Sunny, Sylvie and Erin's schedule have kept Grandma busy.  We've been able to face time them each evening to talk about our days.

It's been a little easier to talk about the Bahamas with E, knowing that she will be here in a month.  Yes, the 13th birthday trip has been re-scheduled and Erin, Grandma and Papa will be cruising out of Miami to Nassau during spring break.  They are all excited to finally have their adventure.

So, we appreciate this winter getaway and we have one more day to enjoy it.  I will take time today to be grateful for what we have.  Back to MN tomorrow afternoon.  Yah, mon...