Thursday February 19, 2015

It's been a productive week around the O'Hara household:

One colonoscopy (Dan), one kitty spayed (Sylvie), 6 hours of golf and volleyball training (Erin), and one new job opportunity (Jen).

Dan and Sylvie are no worse for the wear.  All is well on both fronts.

Erin is exhausted as the long, cold days of February are dragging on.  She's excited about golf season and has been working hard on her swing and her strength.  This is a tough time of year for us golfers... spring feels so far away.

As for me, I am pumped about a new freelance writing opportunity that I have been pursuing.  I'm going to be working 10 hours a week for the Mayo Clinic News Network team.  Things were just finalized yesterday, so I don't have a lot of details, but it feels like a good opportunity to use my writing skills.

I will still be able to work for Reedbrook, teach a little tennis, help coach golf, and be Erin's taxi driver.  I feel very fortunate to find an opportunity that allows me the freedom to keep doing those things.  I want it all...

It's nice that the writing I've been doing the past four years - blogging, book, foundation website, Reedbrook consulting work - all add up to a real time resume.  Who could have predicted any of this when I was a stay at home mom raising two little girls.  Not me.

I guess that's the thing about life - you don't get to plan it all out, you have to learn how to adjust.  Life requires us to be nimble and accepting of change.  I've learned that over these past 4 years.

So, new opportunities are ahead.  But, I had to tell them that I needed a week off first.  What a good way to start a new job - ask for vacation right off the bat!  Dan and I leave Sunday for the Bahamas - a trip Dan earned by having a career year with EFS and qualifying for their President's Club.

So, we'll let the company treat us to a nice 4 day getaway.  A little warmth, a little golf, a big chance to recharge the batteries.