Wednesday September 16, 2015

There are reminders everywhere - reminders of Shannon, reminders of the before, reminders to live in the moment and enjoy the ride...

While watching Erin play volleyball last night, we talked with others about the upcoming homecoming at Mayo HS. Some of Shannon's friends are on the homecoming court. Maybe one of them will be king or queen. It is a balancing act for Dan and I to be happy for them and not to personalize it for ourselves. We have chosen to stay close to Shannon's friends and even when things are painful, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Twice in the past two weeks, Dan has had conversations with people who read Determined to Matter and found something for themselves in it. That still feels good to us. We are doing what Shannon wanted, trying to make a small difference in this world...

Another young girl in our community passed away from DIPG last week. Rest in peace, Sofia. My heart aches for that family as they navigate the memorial and begin to live in the after.

We know that research is needed to improve treatments for this terrible disease. To that end, we will again be taking part in the Brains Together For A Cure Annual Walk this year. This local organization funds brain tumor research right here at Mayo Clinic.

Dan will be emceeing this years event on Saturday October 3rd. We'd love to have a strong Shannon the Cannon contingent again this year. If you can join us, please do. Here's the registration info:

Brains Together For A Cure Annual Walk

Shannon joined us for this walk back in 2011. She was embarrassed by all the lime green "Shannon the Cannon" shirts, but she had a sense of humor about it. We joked that we should have made one for her that said "I am Shannon the Cannon"!

We have grown so much from that day. The kids in that photo have literally grown! As for us, we've grown in other ways. More perspective, more gratitude, more empathy for the human condition.

Hope to see you all October 3rd...