Sunday November 1, 2015

A relaxing weekend with no agenda is doing us all some good. Now, when I say no agenda, that doesn't mean that Erin isn't busy. It's just she's doing things she wants to do, not things she has to do!

Those activities included a home section playoff win for her volleyball team and a post game trip to Culver's on Friday. Yesterday involved sleeping in, hanging out downtown at a cafe with friends and then on to a Halloween party. Today also involves sleeping in, then a birthday lunch for one friend and a visit to another. Not a single mention of schoolwork in there... hmm... at least she's got the social aspect covered!

I can't believe that today is November. Dan is out golfing on this warmer than normal day. I am sitting down to write because I'm avoiding the list of tasks I should be doing! Now that I'm working 30 hours a week, plus teaching tennis one afternoon each week I don't seem to get things done around the house. I guess that's what weekends are for.

It has been a good stretch for me - work is going very well and I feel lucky to be engaged each day with interesting things to write about. I couldn't imagine a better fit for my skills - some writing, some social media and web work, lots of organization. I can still work mainly from home, and I have the freedom to be there when Erin needs me... which is becoming less and less often as one of her friends seems to pass their drivers test each day!

Yes, most of Erin's classmates will be turning 16 over the course of this year. Erin will not be 15 until April. This is the first time that being really young for her grade has felt like a detriment. Erin does get to take the drivers training course in December, so that will get her closer... it is hard to not have the same freedom as many of your friends do. But, the lack of a driver's license doesn't seem to be cramping her social life!

This week there will be a focus on the volleyball playoffs. Mayo will host Owatonna in the section semifinals on Thursday. It is fun to watch Erin on the bench as a part of the tournament team. If Mayo can get through Owatonna, the section final is next Saturday and they could potentially face Lakeville South, which is ranked third in the state. Mayo would be the underdog for the first time in a long time.

But first things first. Have to win on Thursday night.

So, life rolls on. Erin and her schedule seem to be driving the train around here. Nothing wrong with that. Seeing her thrive means we are doing all right. It's her world and we are just along for the ride...