Wednesday November 4, 2015

I went to a funeral today. Not someone I knew personally, but the mother of a friend. For the rest of my life, my funeral attire will always include a hint of lime green. My own personal shout out to sweet Shannon.

Funerals make us reflect on who we are. It's a grounding experience to acknowledge a life that has ended. It's impossible not to think about Shannon in these moments, but as I age, I also think about what my own legacy will be. I hope I've got a lot of time left, but one never knows. The pastor today said exactly that. We all think we will have tomorrow, but tomorrow isn't promised.

The other take away today was surround yourself with people who care. Whether it's blood family or chosen family, build your support system to carry you through the hard things life throws your way. And there will be hard things. As I get older, that's another revelation to me — no one gets through this life unscathed.

The quiet reflection served me well today. It's amazing what sitting still for an hour can do to the mind. Oh, the places it can go...  it made me realize how busy life can be, and how I can forget to just... be...

It's easy to get caught up in running here and running there, but it doesn't hurt to step back and reflect. So, here's what I know today: what matters is love and kindness. Spread it when you can, soak it up when it's your turn.

This passage was shared at the service today, and it spoke to me:

Today I choose to live with gratitude
For the love that fills my heart,
The peace that rests within my spirit,
And the voice of hope that says... 
All things are possible.