Sunday December 27, 2015

In times of introspection, I always fall back on music. What an age we live in now where you can think of a song you'd like to hear, and it's immediately at your disposal via a download to your smartphone.

We've been listening to our fair share of Christmas carols this past week. While I love a good holiday song, I don't think I ever need to hear Mariah Carey sing "All I Want For Christmas is You" again...

We hosted both of our families over the past week and there are so many reminders of what really matters. Four living parents for me and Dan, brothers and sisters, cousins galore for Erin. Lots of laughs, lots of memories of Shannon, lots of heartfelt well wishes.

Every day, it seems there is a reminder that the circle of life is unrelenting. A friend of Shannon and Erin's lost her grandpa yesterday. Death of an elderly man is expected, but it's still a death, and it's still an adjustment for them to a new normal.

We have another week at home together, some down time to gear up for the busy month ahead. January holds four Shannon O'Hara Foundation events for us, so this is the calm before the storm. Erin is the only one with an agenda, taking Driver's Ed each afternoon. She's none too happy about it, but it's a means to an end, and she can't wait for that end!

So, 2015 is rolling to a close. Another year, more ground covered... Hopefully, I'm a littler wiser. I'll keep trying...

A love like this won't last forever
I know that a love like this won't last forever
But I, I don't really mind, I don't really mind at all 

Kodaline - Love Like This - From their album, In A Perfect World