Sunday December 6, 2015

It's a tough week to read the news... killings in San Bernadino, protests in North Minneapolis, and the news this weekend that two high school kids from a community north of here died in a one vehicle crash leaving school.

The world feels so arbitrary reminds me that so many things are out of our control.

In times like these, I feel the need to circle the wagons a bit. Dan, Erin and I have had a great weekend together. Dan and I had a date to the movies on Friday, and then yesterday the three of us spent the day together running errands and picking up a Christmas tree.   Erin and I decorated it last night, talking about the ornaments - which ones are our favorites... I continue to put the ornaments Shannon made for me on the tree each year. There's also the baby's first Christmas, complete with a photo of a bright-eyed girl. We hung Shannon's stocking on the mantle as we have done each year since she was born. How could we not?

I worked on our Christmas card this week. I do love sending and receiving these, catching up with family and friends. The photos, the letters... this is another thing that's so tricky for me since Shannon passed. Picking out just the right card... there is no card that says "We had a good year and we're doing all right, but we're not over it and never will be and Christmas will never be the same". How do you acknowledge Shannon in this yearly ritual?

As we were running errands yesterday, we made a stop at our favorite pizza place for a quick lunch. As we were sitting there, a young boy and his family walked in. The boy was dressed in his hockey jersey, complete with the Shannon logo on it. First time we had seen it in person. The family walked right by us with no knowledge of who we are... it was a strange sensation.

Our holiday fundraising campaign is underway and we've already received a couple of large donations along with several small ones. We're going to keep up this work that Shannon wanted. It's the way we can do some good in this world that's sometimes so bad...

I've been reading and listening to music this week, trying to sooth my soul from the madness in the news. This season is hard, yet my life is good. I do remember that, even as I feel the ache of loss.

"Here is one of the worst things about having someone you love die: It happens again every single morning." - Anna Quindlen