Monday April 18, 2016

It was one of those weeks that we dread... a calendar day marked in black, diagnosis day, April 15.

But, sometimes you get lucky and life is gentler than you anticipated. That's how it was for us this time around, five years after that terrible day...

So much happened in this past week, and so much of it was good. The positive things in our lives help us remember that we are doing all right, we are surviving and sometimes thriving.

Thursday, Erin played in her second golf meet of the season. After not being pleased with her first score, she went out and shot a career best 81! Golf is a funny game...

Friday was diagnosis day, and while it was on my mind, I had bigger things to attend to. My job as a contractor at Mayo has morphed into a full time position working for Mayo Clinic Public Affairs. Friday, April 15, I accepted my first full-time job since before Erin was born. Yikes.

Five years ago I couldn't have imagined that I would work for Mayo Clinic. Would I be here if we hadn't been through our journey with Shannon? Probably not. My writing chops were tested right here on this blog and it led me in a new direction. How strange is that? My daughter's cancer and death led me to a new job opportunity. Life is so strange sometimes...

After a Saturday spent playing volleyball, the weekend wrapped up with Erin's confirmation. Yet another reminder of things that Shannon never experienced, but also a reminder of the blessings in our lives after Shannon. Erin's sponsor, Ellen, was and is a big part of our journey. 


Erin chose St. Jude as her saint name. The patron saint of hope and impossible causes. Erin was just 10 when we went to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital with Shannon, but it is etched in her memory forever.

A nod to the past, a look towards the future. Erin is growing up at warp speed now. I only wish Shannon was here to see it.