Wednesday April 6, 2016

Erin and I are sitting in an internet cafe in Nassau, Bahamas, paying $6 for an hour of high speed wifi. Erin has many snapchats to catch up on...

The first three days of our cruise have been a great experience. We had nice weather on the day we set sail, and a beautiful day on the Royal Caribbean private island yesterday. A cabana and the turquoise water helps the blood pressure stay nice and low.

The nine of us are having dinner together each night, and coming and going as we please during the days. Erin and cousin Laurynn have met some other teens onboard and are enjoying hanging out post dinner each night when the old folks (including me) tuck in.

Today we are in port, doing some shopping and lunch around Nassau. A little cooler and windy today, so a perfect day for an onshore adventure. Erin chose a tour of the chocolate factory at Graycliff. We had fun making our own chocolate bars, although, I better stick to my day job. Being artistic is not my strong suit...

We have one more day at sea tomorrow, and the weather looks good. A little more sun and relaxation before we head home. My parents are enjoying having all of us together to celebrate 50 years of marriage. That's quite a feat. We know we are a lucky family. 

And while we are lucky, we haven't forgotten Shannon. My dad made a point of having a table for 10 each night, and leaving Shannon's seat empty... a symbolic gesture and a reminder to appreciate the here and now.

Our Shannon Shirts Around the World pic comes from Coco Cay, Bahamas. She is with us always.