Monday November 21, 2016

We had a jam packed week last week that culminated in our SOF night at HS Girls Hockey event. Man, we love those people. Shannon hockey buddies and their families continue to carry us through and they continue to carry her with them. There were green hockey laces and green ribbons and green tape. Can't say enough about these girls...

The Facebook flashback got us again. Those very same families who showed up at Thursday's HS game, showed up in our timelines this weekend. It was Shannon's last hockey tournament. 5 years ago. The only time her team ever won a tournament. Hopkins Champions 2011.

That was the last best day that Shannon had. Such a good, bittersweet memory. All the girls on that team will remember it forever.

So, this year's successful fall fundraisers have come to a close. The season is about to change.  This morning we have bright sunshine above a hard frost here in Rochester. It sounds like our beautiful fall is going to give way to some winter weather.

My parents picked a good fall to move back to Minnesota. They made it all the way to late November without any snow!

We were suppose to have dinner at my parents new place last night, but Erin is having a bout with the flu. Poor girl. She hasn't been feeling well all week, but tried to tough it out and go to her debate team competition in Mankato on Saturday. It didn't work out so well... let's just say she spent some time in the Mankato East HS bathroom!

We are hoping she can shake it before tomorrow... we head out on our 3rd annual Palm Springs Thanksgiving. We're all so looking forward to time with our friends, time by the pool and a little golf mixed in... golf for everyone except me :(

Three weeks ago, I hurt my wrist playing tennis. Yes, hitting a backhand like I have thousands of times before... getting old is a bitch! Anyway, I'm in a splint for 4-6 weeks and won't be playing golf this time around...

It's ok. Dan and Erin will get that time together and I'll have some time with my friend, Kula. Our chances to be together have been few and far between these days... I've spent the last year ramping up to working full time... and, oh yeah, she's spent the last year battling cancer!

A year ago at Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, Kula had not yet been diagnosed. That is hard to believe since it now seems like her cancer journey is just a part of who she is.

Yet another reminder to take it day by day...

So, onward we go. The holiday season commences. It's never the same for us anymore, but there's is still so much for which we can be thankful.