April 28, 2011

Just back from our Thursday Mayo day with Shannon - today's special guest was Erin O'Hara!  It was great to have her along for our appointments with Shannon's team.  It is a bit draining to go from appt to appt to appt...  But Shannon would rather pack them into one day and keep the rest of the week more normal with only a radiation/healing session to manage between school and golf.

Shannon is going along nicely considering she has a brain tumor.  Her neurological exams were strong, her blood work was holding solid, very few side effects so far from chemo and radiation and she even gained a few pounds which made us all laugh.  Basically, we are eating dessert with every meal.  "Yes, I will have the poached eggs with some hash browns and fruit and how about an ice cream pie, thank you."  It's unreal.  You people are killin' us.  Keep it up!

We continue to be grateful for many of the blessings in our lives.  We talked about that with our social worker today; one of the ways to transition into restful sleep at night and stay stuck in the present is to end the day by recollecting what made us happy today.  I like that.

OK, to all of our friends and family who enjoy the music of our lives;  I need to insist you add the Jason Mraz record We Sing We Dance We Steal Things to your collection.  The song Live High represents so much good to me right now - it's all about gratitude.  I've played it about 50 times this week.  Live high, live mighty, live righteously...takin' it easy...