Tuesday April 19, 2011

(This was originally written as an e-mail to family)

Another update from Willow Lane.  Things are coming together with Shannon’s treatment plan and Thursday is a massive day in her life.   But until then we have a little normalcy.

Miracles are everywhere - we came in to meet with the radiation oncology team this morning at 8a and they are pretty much all hockey Mom’s and they were waiting for us with hugs and tears. 

So for today’s appt to set Shannon’s mask that will hold her head steady during radiation one of the Mom’s took Shannon away while the other one – who happens to be the dosimetrist  on our radiation team - stayed with Jen and I to chat.  Shannon was in and out setting the mask in about 12 minutes.  We took a quick tour and saw the technology that is providing us with hope.  Pretty friggin’ amazing machines.  I hope you never have to see one J They then brought us to the scheduling desk controlled by a sassy gal named Shanan.  That Shanan will play a key role in getting our Shannon the best tee times (OK for non-golfers treatment times). 

Dr. Laack checked in and answered a couple questions and we were out of there by about 8:40.  Then we were off for Willow Creek and Shannon was thrown in the conference room to take the MCA’s which she said went just fine!  She was in school all day.  Took the bus home with her friends.  She got off the bus with another  stuffed animal and two giant get well banners with signatures and smart-assed middle school comments.  (And random signatures celebs like Megan Fox and Adrian Peterson).

Wednesday Shannon goes to school all day and then to golf practice…nothing at Mayo.  Today’s golf match was snowed out but that frees her up to skate tonight with her spring hockey team.  She’s pretty jacked for that.

We had to manage through a couple complicating situations that came as a result of people caring so deeply for our family.  We are overwhelmed a little by all the offers to help us and to honor Shannon.  It’s just a little too much too soon.

Let’s get through Thursday;  baseline blood draw, hematology appt and chemo scrip, surgical consult and hopefully first doses of radiation and chemo.  That’s not certain so pray for that.  If we can’t start Thursday, treatments will not begin until Monday.  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…

We just can’t express how much we love you all.  The support is amazing.  Just friggin’ amazing.