Tuesday Afternoon - April 26, 2011

Shannon is just this life force right now – brightening up people’s days all around Desk R at the Charlton Building. They love her! Grandma and Papa tagged along to treatment today. Oh wait, Shannon told me she doesn’t like the word "treatment". She prefers we call it “healing” instead. So, Grandma and Papa tagged along to healing today and met the team that is working with Shannon every day. They saw the room where the radiation is delivered and even the radiation mask with the built in smile. They also met Shanan the Scheduler who said with great enthusiasm, "It's Shannon the Cannon!"

We consulted with Dr. Laack briefly today and Shannon explained some of the symptoms that are causing her sleepless nights and early mornings. We are going to taper off the steroids a bit these next three days before our next appointment with Dr. Laack and see if that helps.

The golf meet was canceled again by crummy weather. Coach Myhro plans to give Shannon the opportunity to play next Tuesday now. I’m hoping it works out one of these times!

Dan managed to get on an airplane and go to work this morning. As we’ve said here before, life must go on. I am hoping his day is full of activity and his mind is busy and not wandering to thoughts of “missing out” on the “healing” here at home.

I’m also hoping today is a better day for Erin. She was sad yesterday. She is caught in this tornado that is our life right now and she has even less control over what is going on than the rest of us. So, I’m hoping she comes home this afternoon and reports of a normal day at school.

I seem to be doing a lot of hoping today... hope is good ...