Friday June 10, 2011

I had a chance to catch some of Oprah's final show.  Say what you want about Oprah, she has been an incredible inspiration to the masses.  On this day I was caught up by her ability to articulate her values and the confidence she has in those beliefs.  She reminded me that in God's universe "there are no coincidences, only a divine order."

She also stated that the ability to make a difference, to be a difference maker is right there in all of us.  You just need to go take it...assert it.  Oprah's confidence makes it sounds so easy.

Around our home the only person with that kind of certainty is Shannon.  Our "going-into" 8th grader has the most confidence in exactly what her role is.  And she's seized the opportunity to be a difference maker.

For me, Jen and Erin there seems to be less certainty in what we should be, how we should act, where to focus our energy.  I was a little out of sorts this week without the structure of daily radiation which provided us an order, a certainty to each day. 

With the kids focused on the field trips and the final days of school, I tried to work on my golf game but on the golf course my lack of certainty is completely exposed.

Thursday night at the Rochester Mayo HS Girls Golf banquet, Coach Myhro reminded us how critical confidence is to golfers and the girls should work on that as they practiced and played this summer.  Shannon always handles herself well on the golf course because she has always had so much confidence - a commitment to what she is doing.  So I'm going to try that now.  I know I can do it.  I've been good before.  I'm going to be good again. And - darn it - people like me!  (Stuart Smalley's voice echoes...that's not helping...)

Shannon took home the "Spartan Award" given to the player that displayed courage and spirit through the course of the season.  Shannon's buddy Courtney was "Newcomer of the Year".  It was a good night.  Again, a challenge to keep emotions in check.  But this night was about the golf team.  Good luck at state Katrina. 

I want to use this forum to express tremendous gratitude to the families of the 32 players out for Mayo HS golf this spring.  You played a really key role in keeping our spirits high in some really tough times.  Shannon loves being part of a team.  Just loves it. Thanks for making a difference.

Now if there is divine order, and no coincidences, Erin will get Mr. Mhyro as one of her teachers next year when she is a newcomer at Willow Creek Middle School.

Thursday, Erin said a tearful goodbye to Bamber Valley Elementary.  Thank you Mrs. Hammel.  Erin will never forget you.  Aloha means goodbye.

I have some solid song recommendations this morning;  Ray LaMontagne You are the Best Thing...Donavan Frankenreiter Bend in the Road...and an oldie but goodie from Joni Mitchell but the version I really like is from the Counting Crows Big Yellow Taxi..."don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got til its gone.." 

So now we plow forward into a summer of unknowns.  We will do so with confidence and gratitude for the many blessings we have in our lives.