Monday June 6, 2011

A final push to summer vacation for the O'Hara's. 

Erin told me last week after her 5th grade graduation that ceremonies are for parents "but field trips are for kids!".  Her 5th grade class departs this morning for the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center.  Three days and two nights deep into the bluffs of SE Minnesota near Lanesboro.  She's so dang excited.  We're excited for her too but it might be kind of warm in those dorms at Eagle Bluff.  Record highs are predicted for Monday and Tuesday.  I think E will be just fine.

Shannon's 7th grade class heads for Oxbow Zoo Monday.  Field trips and fun activities mark the final days of school.  On Thursday...cue the Alice Cooper classic...School's out for Summer! (no, I do not have that one loaded in the Ipod)

So with Erin away on a road trip, Jen and I will take Shannon to our Mayo Clinic appointments Tuesday.  A final blood draw to check platelet counts, another thorough neurological exam with Dr. Keating and a final rundown with radiation oncologist Dr. Laack who was kind enough to make an appearance and hand out hugs for us at Shannon's bell ringing last Thursday.
Even though the acute healing phase is complete, the radiation and chemo are still working their magic for the next couple weeks inside Shannon's brain.  But we expect mostly positive reports as Shannon has been feeling strong and her energy levels have been setting the tone for the family.

We hope the heat holds for our trip to Lake Hubert next weekend.  Either way - the kids are ready to rock!