Thursday June 16, 2011

Our summer whirlwind is just getting started and we are already exhausted!

Not really, but sort of.  I think we are just discovering that this hyper-speed pace we are choosing "is what it is".  I kind of hate that expression but in this case it "is what it is".  The good news is that there is very little time to pout or over-think because we unpack from one event and start organizing and sorting laundry for the next event.

Our trip to Lake Hubert worked out well with the girls getting some extended time with Grandma and Papa O'Hara and also their "quirky" Aunt Molly and Uncle Norv!   Games of Five Crowns and Quirkle were interspersed with chill time on the beach, boat rides and trips to Nisswa and Shannon and Erin's favorite shopping destination; The Chocolate Ox.  The laughs and happy times are a constant.

The weather was better in Nisswa than almost anywhere else in Minnesota.  The south winds kept the water calm in our bay and the loon pairings were active and fishing close to our dock.  The water was a cool 68 degrees but as usual; crystal clear.
The clouds broke Tuesday afternoon and we had several sunny hours on the beach with temps around 75...really nice.  Good time to throw the football off the dock, float on a raft, sit in the sand and read.  Our neighbors the Gustafson's gave us access to their boats.  Each day we went for a ride around the lake.  The girls love being out on the water.  On one of our boat rides we saw a grouping of around 30 immature loons gathered together in the middle of Lake Hubert.

On Wednesday it rained and made it the perfect time to pack up and head back to the Roch.  I was able to manage some work at the cabin with Internet access where ever my Sprint air card can find a cell signal.  With Jen driving, answering emails on the drive was also a solid use of my time.  I still have some good opportunities for new business in my pipeline that I need to keep in the air.  So far, so good.  I enjoy my work and my company and most of my customers so I do not mind checking in and replying even on vacation days.

Shannon and Erin are such troopers - great travelers.

So we were home Wednesday night...Shannon played hockey, we watched the Bruins hoist the Stanley Cup, and a Twins win over the White Sox....Thursday, the girls overnight with their BFF's the Gushulaks in Pine Island and Saturday we leave for Milwaukee...our ferry across Lake Michigan departs Sunday and then we will experience the eastern shores of Lake Michigan for a few days. 

South Haven forecast is calling for hot temps, maybe some summer thunder boomers. In Michigan, no one knows our name or our story and that might be - literally - just what the doctor ordered.