I am feeling a little self conscious about this blog today. It feels a little presumptuous. Everybody has stuff going on in their lives. Everybody. Anyone reading this could blog about their lives and it would give us a chance to know them better. We’ve chosen to write this blog as a measure of self-preservation - so we didn’t struggle to communicate individually with the family and friends that we wanted to keep in the loop. But, while what we are going through is all consuming and seems to be all we can focus on sometimes, we want to be mindful that other people have stories to tell, too.
Spending time on the Mayo 16 E pediatric unit always helps with perspective. We were there yesterday for Shannon’s blood draw and a quick look around at the children who are disabled and the looks on their parent's faces helps me find gratitude quickly. For now, Shannon is a smiling, soon-to-be teenager ready to do her best to enjoy a summer of fun.
The blood counts were good. Better than good. Nine days after ending chemo and one week after finishing radiation, all of her important numbers - platelets, hemoglobin, leukocytes - have begun trending back up. No appointments necessary from now until July 1st.

We finished soccer season today with a matchup against Erin's first best friend - our old neighbor Tessa. Fun stuff. The Fireballs have been a great team to coach. So, now with no more school, no more soccer and no more appointments, we are off and running with our June travels: a trip to Lake Hubert, followed by a trip to Lake Michigan, followed by a trip to the Wisconsin Dells.
There’s a little detail about this summer travel we’re planning that I feel compelled to mention. The freedom to do all this without stressing about it is due directly to the generosity of others. So, thank you.