The sun is shining and it's going to be another beautiful day here on this June 6th.  The 6th.  Another marker in time as Shannon has now been gone 5 months.  Her physical time on this earth is getting further away, but her presence in our thinking and living remains strong.

The school year draws to a close tomorrow, but today is the last day that the 6th and 8th graders will be in the building at Willow Creek.  Tomorrow they enjoy all day field trips to the Mall of America (6th) and Valleyfair (8th).  Shannon was really looking forward to that one...

That means today at Willow they will clean out lockers and classrooms.  The last few remnants of Shannon's time there will disappear.  Shannon's English class has left her desk vacant since she left for Memphis.  The one vacant desk in a crowded classroom - the one with the green chair.  The kids wanted it that way.  She was still a part of them.

The yearbooks arrived this week and both the Willow Creek Middle School and Mayo High School yearbooks have dedications in them to Shannon.  She made the Mayo HS yearbook, even if she didn't make it to ninth grade.

On a happier note, our fundraising efforts at Willow last week added $2000 to the scholarship fund.  Amazing.  We are so grateful for the help and support.

Today I will go out and feel the sun on my face and get ready to turn another page.  School's out for summer in two short days.  Time continues to march on and we must too.