Sunday June 3, 2012

We are all struggling a little this week.  At a time of year when most kids and families are celebrating the end of a new school year we wish we could just rewind.

Erin continues to live up to her nickname.  Plowing through the final days of 6th grade, Smiley gets up each day prepared to do battle with finals, hormones and constant reminders of the love she lost.

Can you imagine going to school and more than 500 teachers and students are wearing a shirt to honor your dead sister?  Many of the kids in Shannon shirts barely knew her.  Shannon was Erin's best friend and soul mate.  No one knew Shannon better or loved her more than Smiley.

I just know I think of Shannon constantly and if you are kind enough to ask me about her I might go on for 10 minutes with a funny or sad story to try to give you a feel for what kind of a kid she was.  Erin plays it a little closer to the vest.  But I have to think it's a fine line between pride and profound sadness.

Saturday we hung out at a grad party for Gunnar Olson.  Erin was bopping around with all her pals.  Most of Shannon's pals were bopping around too.  Mostly, they all bop around together.  Jen and I try not to stare.  They are all changing and growing up so fast right in front of us.  Nature is working perfectly.

Just like the new moon that is shining bright again this week, reminders are everywhere that the universe will be fine without those that are gone.  It is up to us to honor them by living good lives.

Last week of the school year ahead. Last week of 6th grade for Smiley. The weather is fabulous.  Playing some golf today.

I'm due for a good cry...just not today.