June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

She's currently in bed with an iced mocha frap from Dunn Bros and ice bags and mouth pain like you can't imagine.  Oral surgery 3 weeks ago and it just won't heal.  Hot packs, ice packs, ibuprofen...she's having no fun.  Of course, she would not want me posting this but I have my own password.

The only bright spot is that she is in bed with Roger Federer (on TV, 3rd round Wimbledon) but even he's struggling.  We need some birthday mojo channeled our way.

Last year, Jen celebrated her birthday with Shannon in an MRI tube attempting to diagnose what was making the kid so sick.  June 29th.  Damn.

That was a long week also.  Shannon finally turned the corner after IV fluid infusions on July 3rd and July 4th having slipped down to 79 pounds.  Shannon eventually rebounded and worked really hard to build her strength back up.  We made a lot of milkshakes over her final 6 months of life.

So delivering Jen a frozen drink for lunch gave me some ishy flashbacks.  Mostly, it made me recall how desperate we were for help.  God's help.  Anyone's help.  So that's what I am praying for Jennifer on this her 43rd birthday.  Thankfully, Shannon learned her toughness from her Mom.