Father's Day

Check.  Check off another marker on the calendar.  Another poignant holiday that shines more light on what we have have lost.  We'll have many more.

My first Father's Day without Shannon Anne O'Hara was no more difficult than any of the other 163 days since she left our world, but I did need some extra deep breaths. There were many people who reached out to let me know they were thinking about me - about us.  That made a difference -  thank you.

But my Father's Day was nice.  I was able to get out for a round of golf.  (I closed like Jim Furyk...not pretty)  I was able to talk to my 88-year old dad Ed who showed me how to be a father (we were both pulling for the Irishman Graeme McDowell)  And I got to hang out with Jen and Erin.  We played some cards, watched the US Open, watched the Twins, hung out with some friends.

Our balance as a trio keeps getting more solid with each passing day.  We keep putting one foot in front of the other.  We keep laughing.  We keep leaning on each other for support.  I guess that is what a family does.

I am grateful to be Erin O'Hara's dad.  I love you E.