Sunday June 10, 2012

The second sleepover of the summer is on tap tonight.  It hasn't taken Erin long to find that summer vacation groove!  The mall, swimming, golfing, sleepovers... all good stuff when you're 11.  Tomorrow, it's basketball camp.

In the past, Erin would happily follow Shannon's lead and always knew if no other activities came up, well, at least they'd have each other.  Things are going to be different this summer, and Erin is wisely taking control.  The cell phone and the ability to text is quite handy when filling a social calendar!  

But, all kidding aside,  no one would blame Erin if she had chosen to isolate herself and be sad and mad, but that's not her plan.  Erin seems to have realized that she is in charge of her own happiness.  Erin wants to be happy.  Take control, take action.  What a gift to figure that out at age 11.  I'm still working on it at almost 43.  Sometimes the student is the teacher.  

Erin is not in denial.  She talks about Shannon and the things they used to do, and there will always be a sadness and a loss.  We talk about Shannon a lot.  We still like it when others do, too.  She is a part of our family, and there will be dates and people and places that remind us of what is missing.  Always.  

But, feeling a loss is different than being consumed by it.  It's a conscious effort to stay in the present and enjoy what is right here, right now.  Being happy today or making plans for tomorrow doesn't mean we have forgotten yesterday.  It just means that we are living.