Sunday October 28, 2012

It was a good productive weekend here and we are now prepped for Halloween.  Erin's costume is ready, pumpkins are carved, and the candy has been purchased.  Of course the forecast calls for lows in the upper 20's here on Wednesday, but that's pretty typical Minnesota Halloween weather.  Erin won't let a little chilly air keep her from collecting free candy...

Basketball season started today with our first practice.  I say "our" because I am helping coach Erin's team this year.  We've got a dozen girls playing on the 7th grade team, so Coach Olson is glad to have a few assistant coaches helping out so we can give the girls a little more one on one attention.

Basketball was my first favorite sport to play when I was a kid and it stayed that way through high school, so it will be fun for me to help out with these girls this year.  It will also keep me busy 3 nights a week all winter, which is probably a good thing.

Hockey season is also underway and Dan and I have been thinking about that, too.  Teams have begun practicing and preparing for their seasons full of games and tournaments and fun.

Shannon would have been a U14B player this year and that's where 9 of her Rebel teammates from last year ended up.  The 14 B's consist of those 9 girls, plus 6 more - most of whom also played with Shannon as some point through the years.

As a team, the 14B's had to come up with a team name.  And, as a team, they wanted to somehow honor Shannon.  They shared with us their team logo:

So, the 14B's will play this season as the Rochester Cannons and hopefully, they will have a lot of fun playing the game that Shannon the Cannon loved so much.  Maybe, just maybe, they will feel her with them out there on the ice.  Dan and I are looking forward to watching them play.