Thursday October 4, 2012

It's homecoming week for Mayo High School.  Erin was busy this afternoon making a sign for the Mayo Volleyball float and she will be throwing out some candy during the parade tomorrow.  Sounds like it will be a chilly night at the football game, but Erin will be there no matter what so she can hang out with her buddies.  She loves that.

Shannon's classmates are getting ready for their first official homecoming as high schoolers.  Many of them are going to the dance on Saturday.  Some are going just with friends, some are going with a date.  Would Shannon be going?  I think so. Would she have a date?  If she wanted to.  Would they be going as friends or as something more?  Hmm...  I just can't piece it all together in my mind.

All the chatter about it brought me to tears earlier this week.  In public.  Damn, I hate when that happens and trust me, it still happens.  Creeping up on nine months without Shannon and tears are still close by at times.

So, there's a heaviness in my heart this week, but we will get through it.  Another step in the journey, another marker in time, another chance to persevere.

We're gearing up for Saturday's Brains Together For a Cure walk.  Remember to wear your Shannon shirts - green ones, white ones, black ones, grey ones - anything goes.  According to the forecast, you might have to have some layers underneath!

The walk starts at 10am at RCTC and Dan will speak during the program following the walk.  If you can, come and help us support the research efforts taking place here at the Mayo Clinic.

Come and help us remember and honor Shannon.