Thursday March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day (3.14...)  Erin celebrated in math class today with a french silk one!

I took a big step today - playing tennis for the first time since all hell broke loose in my body.  After a few tentative strokes, I relaxed and things loosened up.  It felt good.  I feel like my shoulder and left arm were left mostly unaffected by my treatment.  Thank goodness.

Tennis is good for me physically, but good for me mentally, too.  Being out there with the ladies is good for my soul.  These are the kind of friends where you better make sure you go to the bathroom before you step on the court, because laughter will ensue.  (Middle aged women, you know what I'm talking about...)

So, feeling relieved and contented today about how my body is rebounding.  Now, if I could just get those missing teeth replaced soon... that's a story for another day... don't get me started...

Erin and I attended the State Basketball Tournament yesterday to watch the Mayo Spartans compete.  While they came out on the short end, it was still fun to be in the crowd with the students and parents supporting the girls.

I was definitely having some Shannon moments.  Knowing how much she would have loved it.  Seeing her friends who all rode up on the fan bus together.  At this point in the year, all those ninth graders are feeling pretty comfortable about being a part of the high school crowd.  They are all getting older, maturing, growing up.  I was talking to one of Shannon's friends about getting their learner's permit and starting to drive.

Watching all of Shannon's buddies start to take to the road is going to be hard.  I'm not going to lie.  When Shannon died, she was barely big enough to see over the dashboard.  She's frozen in time as a tiny little 13 year old girl.  Her friends are becoming something new now as they grow and change.

And yet, I like being around those kids.  I see them and I have Shannon memories - I can picture how Shannon came to know each of those kids.  I see a boy and think, "He and Shannon were in the same first grade class."  Or I see a girl and think, "Shannon played soccer with her in fourth grade."  For me, each one of those kids represents a little piece of my little girl.

There was a song lyric that caught my attention the other day - "All the grown up places you never went."  

Exactly.  Shannon's peers are on their way to grown up places...