Friday March 1, 2013

I need to take a few minutes this afternoon to brag about my wife.  When I refer to the WE in Team O'Hara, Jen represents about 80% of our team and Erin and I account for the other 20%.  Jen carries us.

So Friday when we went in for Jen's final radiation therapy session at Desk R in the Mayo Clinic's Charlton Building it was good to step aside and recognize another job well done for our heart and soul.  And, of course, the spotlight of ringing the bell to mark the end of RT made her uncomfortable.  

The second O'Hara to ring the bell at Desk R
There were tears and laughs and new friends going through similar journeys that surrounded Jen and loved her up.  She just put her head down and approached this battle like any other task our family faces - just get it done.  And there is far more pain and discomfort for her than she will let us know about..  Over the last week, radiation levels were cranked to maximize the attack on any rogue cancer cells that may be incubating.

So, Erin and I will try to carry more of the load as Jen recovers.  The radiation therapy continues to work away inside Jen for at least a few more weeks.  She's radioactive!

We have all made far too many trips to Desk R - we were told we are not welcome there anymore!  But we have gained even more respect for the professionals that treat cancer families with compassion and consistency.  Over this 6 weeks we have witnessed an ever greater fellowship among fellow RT patients and families. We are grateful for the fellowship.  We are also grateful for our leader.  Even if she doesn't want anyone to notice.
Desk R friends for life