Tuesday March 5, 2013

As I sit here to write this morning, it's snowing.  It's been snowing all night, and the 10 inches we are going to receive by the time it's all said and done is enough to cancel schools.  When she wakes up, Erin will be pumped about having a snow day.

It's pretty typical for us to have a snowstorm at this time of year here in Minnesota, but when the calendar turns to March, we can finally start to think about spring.  Here in Minnesota, after each long winter, things begin again each spring...

Last spring was the first time we spoke publicly about our journey with Shannon.  The invite from the Bassmasters group meant Dan was getting up on stage to share our story just three months after Shannon's passing.  He will do so again this year.

Last spring was also the beginning of the book project for me that turned into Determined to Matter.

This spring and summer will bring us many opportunities to share our story and, specifically, to share our book with the world.  It is really exciting and also somewhat scary.  A whole new adventure for this family is ahead as we see where this book project takes us.

So, here's the scoop:  if you live in Rochester, MN or the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, you will have a chance to buy the book at upcoming events.  We will be at each of these events, reading from the book and signing copies.  So far, there are three book events on the calendar, with the first one taking place right here in our hometown.  Consider this your "Save the Date" with more details to follow:

May 30th  Rochester          5:30pm       Rochester Athletic Club - open to the public
June 5th    St. Paul               7:00pm       Micawber's Books
June 15th  Minneapolis    10:00am      Magers and Quinn - MN Publishing Tweet Up event

More events may be added, but for those of you who don't live in these areas or are unable to attend these events, now is the time to order your copy.  This will help ensure that enough copies get printed.  You can pre-order now from your favorite retailer, so check out our "The Book" page here on this blog or on our foundation web page for easy access to the links.

We are hopeful that sharing our story will help others.  That's the main goal and it's really two fold: people may find comfort and inspiration from our story and in turn, by purchasing the book, they will help us fund the Shannon O'Hara Foundation and it's efforts.  We are excited to see where this part of our journey takes us.

The snow is pretty today, but we eagerly await the arrival of spring and all the hope it brings...