Monday February 17, 2014

We are feeling very lucky today to have escaped the winter weather this weekend.  (Sorry to all of you stuck in a winter storm...)  The weather here in Nevada and for Miss E in California has been beautiful.  We are feeling rejuvenated and ready to survive the rest of our winter back in MN.

Due to the convenience of modern technology, we have been staying on contact with Erin a few times a day.  Texting each other photos of what we are up to has been really fun.  It goes something like this:

"Shannon Shirts Around the World entry"

To which we replied:

"Vegas golf with my sweetie"

Erin kept it up with this photo from the Happiest Place on Earth:

We are all heading home today, and well aware that travel could be a challenge. Four different airports, two different highways, and then hopefully around midnight we are all back on Willow Lane.  

But, no matter what awaits us, our weekend getaways were well worth it.  Feeling grateful.