Sunday March 23, 2014

It is good to be home, on my couch, watching some NCAA basketball.  It has been a a whirlwind of activity and emotion, and we are ready for some "normal" days.

My grandma's funeral was a beautiful tribute to the woman she was -  loving, caring, and fiercely loyal.

An added bonus was the chance to re-connect with my aunts, uncles, and cousins and reminisce about memories.  It was a reminder of the best parts of being from a big family.

My mom's brothers - all 8 of them - touched us by choosing that memorials to my grandma be given to the Shannon O'Hara Foundation.

Attending a funeral will always bring a flood of memories.  While it's hard, in some ways it's a connection to Shannon, and we're always looking for those.

We returned home Friday in time to do some laundry and some homework in preparation for spending the next two days at Erin's volleyball tournament.  8 matches total, some wins and some losses, lots of fun watching her play.  And Smiley was smiling the whole time.

So, after a week of family, we spent the weekend with friends.  We are supported and loved.  We are lucky.