Saturday March 29, 2014

Dan and I are practicing being empty nesters this weekend...

We put Erin on a bus at 1:30 this morning which has already taken her to Minneapolis to catch a flight to Atlanta, and then on to Washington DC.  She - along with 220 other 8th graders - will be arriving in our nation's capital in the next few hours to begin 5 days of action packed sight seeing: DC, then Philadelphia, and finally on to NYC.

Erin may be the youngest kid on the trip, but she's pretty sure she can handle it.  She didn't even want Dan and I to get out of the car to say goodbye!  She's traveling with three of her best buddies, and I have no doubt they will have a great time.

I expect that I will have many selfies sent to me over the next 5 days.  It's already begun...

We talked this week about Shannon's 8th grade year.  Erin and I talked about it while we were shopping, and Dan and I discussed it after dropping Erin off.

Truth is, we never even considered Shannon going on this trip.  Maybe she didn't want to, maybe she knew deep down that it wouldn't be possible, maybe we were too protective to even consider it.  It turned out we didn't have a decision to make, because Shannon didn't make it to spring break.

When Erin asked to go on this trip, we said yes right away.  We never even considered saying no.  That's our new normal.  We are doing our best to give Erin opportunities to engage in the world.  She deserves it.

So, Dan and I will hang out together this weekend and we've already got big things planned - we need groceries and dog food and maybe even some new frying pans.  Pretty exciting, eh?

I tease, but Dan did invite me to go on spring break with him on Monday.  He's headed to... Fargo. As tempting as that sounds, I think I'll stay put...