Wednesday March 4, 2015

The scenery has changed a bit since my last post.  I'm currently 80 degrees colder than I was last Wednesday... uff da...

I'm not complaining, though.  Our getaway was wonderful and we were treated like royalty.  I've never had a 24 hr a day butler before.  And, each of us - me, Dan, and Erin - still have some travels yet to come this month.  I won't bore you with the details... we are feeling very lucky... and I get to go first with my girlfriends next week!

But, 0 degrees is still painful...

As Minnesotans, we know that once the calendar turns to March, we can start to dream about spring.  And spring around here means Mayo Girls Golf.  Erin and her teammates are counting the days.  Erin and some of her teammates have really been working on their games this winter.  Let's hope all their hard work pays off on the course.

I'm going to be able to help out again this year as a volunteer coach.  We had a coaches planning meeting yesterday, and we are ready to go.  Practice officially starts March 17.

We will have a big team again this year - 36 girls are signed up to date.  If you want to see controlled chaos, come to the driving range with 36 girls of varying ability!  I joke, but I love it.  And Erin does, too.

So, we just need the snow to melt and as soon as we can, we'll get out to the course and start preparing for the season.  We know that we will be out there in 40 degree weather, bundled up and trying to hit golf balls.  It's sort of a badge of honor for the girls.  Outsiders might think we're a little crazy.  Maybe we are.  But, spending time with these kids is so rewarding.

Anyone who thinks we are doomed because the younger generation is clueless needs to spend some time getting to know kids.  The loss of Shannon has given us a chance to connect with so many kids in different ways and different venues.  Give them a chance.  They may surprise you.

"Young people needs role models, not critics." - John Wooden