Friday March 13 2015

It's Friday the 13th!  Yikes.  I have been telling people for years I was born on Friday the 13th.  But I just learned that was BS as I googled August 13, 1963 and it was a Tuesday. So there goes that story.

Hi folks, Dan here.  Jen is off on a girls tennis weekend (again).  I'm up for husband of the year (again).  Although, its early in 2015.  Plenty of days left for me to screw that up.

Beautiful sunrise in Rochester MN this morning - definitely more snow in Michigan where I was working this week.  Highs in Michigan were in the mid-40's.
Rochester MN Sunrise on Friday the 13th
I can hear maintenance workers blowing off greens on our neighborhood golf course - Willow Creek is planning to open 9 holes today.  This is a great day!  Traditionally, a day I would celebrate with great vigor.  Expecting sunshine and mid-60's through the weekend.  Ms Erin wants to go hit golf balls after school.  I'm in.

Ms Erin is also extremely pumped as the Rochester Mayo HS Girls Basketball team upset crosstown rival JM Thursday night to win a section championship.  State tournament is next week in Minneapolis.

The student section was rockin' to help the Spartans pull off the overtime win - Erin's voice is a little crusty this morning.  She was downright gleeful.  (As gleeful as a 9th grader can be at 6:50am)

I kept it to myself, but it's impossible to watch these moments without thinking about how pumped sister Shannon would have been celebrating her junior classmates hoisting the hardware.  (and an excused absence from school to be part of the student section at state next week).

I was careful to let Erin feel excited - she is embedded in this Mayo HS community.  She just loves it.

But Shannon is supposed to be here too.  It just sucks.  Certainly, explains why I am not quite as springy as I should be on this Friday the 13th.