Tuesday March 10, 2015

Oh, the sun does wonders for the spirit. We reached 50 degrees here in Rochester yesterday and they are predicting we might get to 60 today. Bring it on... golf season is coming.

This morning, I took Dan to the airport for a 6am flight, and now my brain is churning... might have to squeeze in an afternoon nap! Lots to do today before I leave town.

My regular group of Tuesday tennis friends is taking our show on the road again this year. We are headed out on our annual girl's trip, off to the desert to play and watch tennis.

The professional tennis tours are in Palm Springs this week as well, so we'll play tennis ourselves in the morning, then watch how it's really done in the afternoon. In between we'll manage some time to chat over coffee and wine.

So, today is a day to get all my ducks in a row, to make sure the pets and Erin are all covered for the 36 hours between when I leave and when Dan returns.

I've been getting some grief (in jest) for all of my traveling lately. 2015 is off to a good start. Atlanta in January, the Bahamas in February and now California in March. I guess it's good to be Jen.

Those people who have been giving me a hard time will be glad to know I have no plans to get on an airplane in April or May. (Did I mention we're going to Ireland in June?)

I've decided I want to go and do and see while I am here on this earth. This is our one go round, so make the most of it, right? I truly am grateful for good friends and the opportunity to travel. Combining those things together is a win-win.