Friday March 20, 2015

I write often about my relationship with Erin - how close we are, how special our mother/daughter bond is.  After losing Shannon, we chose to grow together instead of growing apart.  Thank god.

But, something special is happening with Dan and Erin, too.  The Mayo Girls Golf season started this week, and Erin is jumping on board with her dad's obsession with the sport.

Yesterday, we had our first outdoor practice at Eastwood Golf Course.  46 degrees and windy was not ideal, but our team - 34 strong this year - was out there banging balls on the range and chipping and putting.  Erin even got in 9 holes yesterday.

So, after 2 1/2 hours at the course, we came home for dinner with Dan.  Over dinner, we talked about golf.  After dinner, Erin and Dan went out to practice some more.  Dan gave Erin a chipping lesson, and she was still talking about it this morning.

It struck me that Erin and Dan are developing a bond now just like Shannon and Dan did with hockey.  Golf has become Erin's thing, and she shares that passion with Dan.  She respects his expertise, and he's thrilled to share it.  What a blessing.

Spring break is looming and after that, the golf season is a two month sprint to the end of the year.  Erin will have meets 2-3 times per week.  She is going to be crazy busy, but what a great way to spend your spring.

This is another one of those things that is different because Shannon isn't here.  I can't ever say something is better without Shannon, but if Shannon were here, a junior on the golf team, would there be room for Erin, too? Maybe.  Would Erin be in Shannon's shadow? Most likely.  How would Shannon handle it if Erin was better?  Not very well!

But, I shouldn't spend too much time on the what if.  I should focus on what is.  I've got a happy teenage daughter who likes her mom and her dad and wants to spend time with them, doing something they all love.  We will enjoy these days.