Sunday March 15, 2015

I am writing from 27,000 feet on my way home from California. The 3rd annual girls getaway was a rousing success.  

This year, my friends Kula, Sue, Kay and I vacationed in La Quinta, CA, just three miles from the professional tennis tournament at Indian Wells.  Our days consisted of coffee, playing tennis, lunch, pool time and then watching the pros do their thing each evening.  Not too shabby.

You name it, we saw them:  Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and, of course, we stalked Roger Federer on the practice court.  He is still beautiful at his advanced age of 33.

I've written here before about the importance of girlfriends in an adult woman's life.  I am grateful for this group of ladies.  They take me as I am.  They accept where I have been and root me on where I am going.

My friends changed after Shannon.  Some who were my friends no longer knew what to say to me, and they slowly faded away.  Some new ones entered, filling part of the hole in my heart.  And some friends stayed through it all.

This group of friends is the kind I can laugh with and cry with.  We laugh at each other, we laugh at ourselves, we laugh at the absurdity of life.  And we cry when necessary.  This group was all in when I said they had to put their Shannon shirts on in the 90 degree heat so I could get a picture.  This group of friends makes my life better and my burden lighter.

I know I'm headed back to real life - work and school and adding golf practice to the calendar this week as well.  That's ok.  I'm rejuvenated and ready.

Feeling grateful today.