Monday June 1, 2015

And just like that, it's over. The high school golf season finished today with the Section Tournament at Cannon Falls. Erin played well (according to her mom :) but wasn't completely satisfied. That's the thing about golf, you can always think about shots you could have hit better, or putts you could have made...

But, when she gets over the disappointment of the season being over, I think she'll be happy with the progress she made. She broke 90 for the first time this year and she lowered her stroke average by about 15 strokes since last year. She looks like a golfer out there. Her team made big progress, too, finishing fourth in the section this year.

Erin is a grinder. Both days at sections she had a rough front nine, but fought back to make some pars and do better on the back. There is nowhere to hide when you are playing competitive golf. You have to do it all yourself. If you get into trouble, you have to figure it out. You have to learn to calm your nerves and pull the trigger. She's learning to do just that. And, she loves it. She's already talking about the things she wants to work on this summer to improve her game.

But all these golf things are not the best part. The best part for me as her mom is watching Erin carry herself out there with confidence and humility. She's kind to the other girls in her group and friendly to all the adults she encounters - coaches and spectators alike. She tolerated having me, Dan and Grandma and Papa Harkins watch her play today. Erin always has an encouraging word for her teammates and a smile for her coach.

Another year done with Coach Myhro. He roots as hard for the girls as their own parents do and we so enjoy being around him and his squad. Dan commented on our way home that we've had four seasons with Mayo Girls Golf - one with Shannon and now three with Erin.

But now, it's time to turn Erin's focus to school. One last day of regular classes tomorrow and then final exams Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The reward for getting through finals? A trip to Lake Hubert ... and a chance to play more golf!