Friday June 12, 2015

The sun is shining off the lake as I awake on this Friday morning. We really have had wonderful weather during most of our week. June can be a crapshoot, but we nailed it. We golfed in shorts and shirtsleeves and even had a 90 degree beach day which felt pretty dang good. Plus, the sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular.

Erin has done it all this week - four rounds of golf, boating to dinner on Gull Lake, skiing on Lake Hubert, jet-skiing on Pelican. Not bad considering we don't own a boat or a jet-ski. Let's just say, it's good to have friends at the lake.

Dan has spent his time working around the cabin, cleaning reeds off the beach, taking down scrub brush and burning his compost pile. He was quite the vision yesterday, pulling off the swimsuit with long socks and boots look... He loves the busy work and its important to him to keep this family treasure looking good. So many memories for him here.

As for me, coffee each morning by the Shannon rock and afternoon naps with a trashy chick novel make me pretty content. I've been able to do my work remotely, even calling in for our weekly meeting yesterday. It's a perfect gig for me, and I continue to feel really fortunate to have landed it. I'm learning new things each week, and it feels good to be engaged.

Our trio has had lots of family time up here, and lots of laughs. We never forget how lucky we are to have made it to this point. We could have crumbled or imploded after we lost Shannon. But we didn't. We found a way to nurture each other and there's a bond now that I can't explain. Erin is willing to spend more time with her parents than most 14 year olds. She knows on some cosmic level that we need her as much as she needs us.

So, today is supposed to be get away day, but we are in no hurry to leave. Clear skies and 80 degrees will make it tough to pack up and head home. But, there are things at home that need doing and poor Sylvie is probably lonely without her pal Sunny. I'm not going to admit that I missed my cat...

Summer 2K15 is off to an excellent start. And it's only just begun. We leave for NYC/Ireland two weeks from today. Our next adventure will find us landing at Shannon Airport and staying in a hotel along the Shannon river. She is not here, but she is with us every step of the way...