Tuesday June 30, 2015

As far as days go, this one has been pretty special.  We are in Ireland, staying in Limerick and visiting the sights from here for the first couple of days of our vacation, or, as they say over here, holiday.

As advertised, the Irish people are so friendly and making us feel welcome. This morning was a walk across the bridge over River Shannon to a local coffee shop. Fun to listen to the little boy next to us have a conversation with his mum... There accents are so great to listen to.  Dan has fallen into the habit of using his fake Irish accent. Erin and I are trying to help him keep it in check...

After breakfast as we walked back to the hotel, Dan and Erin started scheming about fitting in a round of golf today. Now, being the trip planner, I had to point out that that wasn't on the agenda. But they convinced me we could do it all. Heck, it stays light until 10pm...

They did appease me and my schedule by first visiting King John's Castle - a 13th century fortress that offers beautiful views of Limerick, the River Shannon, and the countryside. We didn't linger, though, because our 4:30 tee time was not far off. So, a quick walk back to the hotel to pick up the car so we could head to a nearby public golf course - the Shannon Golf Club.

It's actually right next to Shannon Airport in the town of Shannon where we flew in yesterday. Paul in the pro shop, who was dressed like Ian Poulter, set us up with some rental clubs and golf buggys and off we went.

It was a cute parkland course and the weather was not typical for Ireland. We played in shorts and sunglasses. We all wanted to hit some golf shots before we have a stern test at Ballybunion tomorrow, so it was good to get out on the course.

While most of the course was inland, the 17th hole jutted out into the Shannon estuary and Erin asked if we could put Shannon ashes there. Erin climbed down the rock wall and returned Shannon to the sea. 

We finished our day back in Limerick with dinner at The Locke Bar where they have traditional Irish  music played live every night of the week.  It is a popular hang out with the locals, so it was fun to be out among the people.

Our time here in Limerick has been nice. Seeing Shannon's name on the river and businesses and golf courses and even a town has been special. Tonight we took one last stroll across the river and, low and behold, there is a full Shannon moon. Perfect.