Saturday June 6, 2015

This is my office today... Hopefully I can articulate my thoughts clearly from this place of peace and quiet.

Erin finished her freshman year of high school yesterday. She took her last final, finished at 9:40am, and we picked her up from Mayo HS and headed directly to Lake Hubert. Erin is now a sophomore... and Shannon's class are now seniors in high school. How did that happen?

We arrived at the lake, unpacked, and then Erin and Dan were already chomping at the bit to go play golf. So, off to the The Pines we went! Yes, in our first 24 hours, we've already played golf and had Rafferty's pizza and a trip to the Chocolate Ox. Not a bad start...

But upon returning to the cabin, Erin was a little melancholy. She misses her sister up here more than any place else in the world. It's the memories, for sure. But it's also the idle time we have when we're here. More so than anywhere else, Lake Hubert is a place where life slows down for us. That's why we love it so, but it also brings more space to think and holes to fill. How better to fill that than hanging with your sister?

It's easy to watch Erin's busy life and think that she's got it all going on... and she does. But, I shouldn't forget that she suffered a terrible loss, too. She will most likely live with the loss of Shannon longer that anyone else in our family. I'm sad for her about that.

Nevertheless, we are all glad to be starting Summer 2K15 at Lake Hubert. Erin's cousins Jack and Laurynn are in the neighborhood today and planning to come for a visit. Erin may have some friends staying not too far away during the week, so that could liven things up for Miss E.

Until then, we will sleep on the porch, read a good book, drink coffee by the lake, play some more golf and continue to decompress. Life is good...