Monday October 17, 2011

We passed another milestone this weekend.  Saturday was 6 months since Shannon's diagnosis.  April 15, 2011 - the day the music changed.

Sunday at St. John the Evangelist an unbelievable set of circumstances came together that can only add to the Mystery of Faith.  We were surrounded by friends and families and some of our strongest supporters in our section of the church Sunday.  I told Jen last night I could feel the love - like a warm blanket.  I made reference to that same feeling months ago in this blog.  It was in the early days post-diagnosis when the four of us lied together in Erin's bed chatting about life.

When we walked in before 9:30 mass Sunday one of the ushers approached to ask us if we would present the gifts - deliver the bread, wine and holy water to the alter just after intentions.  We've done this before and are honored to be asked - even the girls recognize it as a privilege. So we said sure.

One of the intentions was a "Lord hear our prayer" for the family of parishioner David Van Houten who this week lost a 10-year battle with brain cancer.  As Me, Jen, Erin and Shannon stood holding the bread, wine and holy water in the back of the church, Fr. Mahon pointed out the Van Houten family - they were seated up near the front.  The funeral is Monday. 

Fr. Mahon recalled performing the Sacrament of the Sick for Mr. Van Houten at 9:30 mass 10 years ago when we were celebrating mass over in the St. John School gym while they were remodeling our church space.  David stood in front of the parish - he had just undergone surgery and bore a 6 inch scar on his skull - as we all held our hands high and prayed over him on that Sunday 10 years ago.

At that same mass, Erin O'Hara was baptised. 

Our eyes our wide open and our faith remains strong.