Monday October 3, 2011

The Vikings are 0-and-4 and I really don't care.  How about that?  In the pecking order of clutter occupying my mind - the Vikings no longer make the cut.  Yes, I know the Lynx are playing for the WNBA title.  Again, in the pecking order of clutter occupying my mind...

It's a Temodar week.  Shannon starts another cycle of chemo tonight.  The timing is not great.  It's a big week for her.   At dinner last night we were going over upcoming activities; a couple tests, final week of soccer practices, hockey tryouts and then the Brains Together walk and soccer games Saturday.  To use the words of Jesse Ventura's character from the 1987 non-classic Predator; "we ain't got time to bleed"!  

We were in Faribault MN for a Davies' family celebration this weekend.  Shannon and Erin's "Grandma-Great" Jeanne Davies turned 85.  A fun gathering of Jen's closest rellies on the Davies side.  Jen's mom Gwen is the oldest of 9 - she has 8 younger brothers many of whom were in attendance and yucking it up with all of us on Saturday.

Jen's uncle Scott is Chief of Medicine at HCMC and was chatting it up with Shannon.  Scott to Shannon; "So you are off the Prednisone?"  Shannon to Scott; "Decadron".  OK then!  Welcome to our world Dr. Davies.  We continue to be amazed at Shannon who remains quite confident in herself.  Her fight with cancer is just part of her persona.

We are hopeful the weather holds for Saturday's Brains Together for a Cure walk in Rochester.  If you ordered a Shannon the Cannon shirt Kula Shives will have them at the walk Saturday. 

Enjoy the fall weather and colors.  Enjoy life.  Enjoy today.